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Can you answer yes to any of these questions? If so, you might want to consider Life Coaching.

   *Are you in a job that you hate?

   *Do you day dream about creating your own business?

   *Are you too afraid or don't know where to start it?

   *Do you feel you could do it if only ______?

   *Do you feel there must be something more to how you're living your life?

What is Life Coaching? Life coaching is a program designed to help you recognize where you are now, where you’d like to be, and guide you into taking action in a specific area of your life. It consists of tools, motivation and accountability for taking action but YOUR success relies on YOU following through on what you agree to with your coach. There will never be more of a supportive cheerleader and motivator for your success than your life coach!  

What is an one-on-one Life Coaching Session? One-one-one Life Coaching sessions are action driven plans that motivate, inspire and drive decision making into reality that are designed just for YOU. This is not for someone who is wondering “if”. If you have a “should have, would have, could have, if only” mentality, this is not for you. This is for someone who is ready to make a change in order to transform their life. You take responsibility for where you are right now, and are PREPARED to take action with the positive partnership of a Life Coach. These sessions are designed to gently recognize why you make the choices you do and challenge you to move forward to help you conquer your specific challenge head on and go further than you ever thought possible. One-on-one coaching sessions are conducted at the Education Center unless other arrangements have been made.  

How long is a regular Coaching Session? Each regular coaching session is 90 minutes long and typically continues for 1 to 6 months long depending on the intensity desired by the participant.*   

How much is a regular Coaching Session? Each regular coaching session is 90 minutes long is $125 per session and are expected at time of appointment. Credit cards, PayPal and cash are accepted.

What does a regular 1-on-1 Coaching Session include? One coaching session includes: · Coaching/client agreement ·

Interview Process ·

Worksheets – Homework ·

General Action Plan ·

General Vision Statement ·

Your sincere desire to move forward

Multiple one-on-one coaching sessions concentrate on a more detailed action plan and accountability of client as progress moves forward.

Is there a price break on multiple Coaching Sessions? Yes. We understand that multiple sessions will get you better results so we offer 3) sessions for $350 and is paid in full at the first session. Each coaching session is 90 minutes long. Credit cards, PayPal and cash are accepted. Payment plans may be considered for special situations.

How is a Group Coaching session different? Group Coaching is sessions with individual action driven plans but are designed for a group setting and may encourage group interaction and sharing. They’re fun and promote collaboration and support from fellow participants who want to change their lives too. It’s a great way to find out about how the general process of life coaching works. Support, encouragement and accountability from other participants is encouraged outside the classroom if so desired. 

How long is a Group Coaching Session? Each group coaching session is 3 hours long.  

How much are the Group Coaching Session? The group coaching session is $197.00 and must be paid prior to session starting.

Can we choose where the Group Coaching session(s) is located? If you have more than 5 participants, sessions at another location will be considered. Please use INQUIRY page to request.  

Is there a discount for Group coaching for organizations? Yes, discounts are offered for Group coaching for non-profit organizations for 5 or more participants as long as the group does not intentionally and maliciously promote the discrimination of others. Please forward your contact information through the INQUIRY page.

Thank you for trusting your dreams and desires with me!